In Honor of Government Service

This post is in honor to those who serve with zeal in the interest of the greater good.

The current political and general climate has become one generally hostile to the civil service. I take exception to many general perceptions that are perpetuated in the media, general lore, and screeched out on radio station across our magnificent country. I concede there are bad or underperforming individuals in the government  just as there are in the non-profit and private sectors.

I have spent my career either working for or with government entities at multiple levels. I enjoyed my jaunt into the private sector working with government clients. I chose the government as my employer because it is where I desire to be due to the challenging work and amazing individuals I have the honor of serving with. These are individuals who I have seen give so much even when it was not required or expected but always when it was needed.

So today I want to start this adventure out by stating my respect for the maintenance workers, law enforcement officers, public information officers, recreation specialists, data entry staff, receptionists, botanists, business analysts, park rangers, engineers, firefighters, and so many more in so many diverse positions. These ramblings are to reveal some of the inner perspective of the #govlife to those on the outside and to challenge those of us living the life.


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