Inspiration while waiting to resume service #govlife

“I am NOT ashamed.” That one sentence has inspired so many federal workers impressed with the grace of a Park Ranger in the face of a confrontational politician. Bike Helmet guy (as he has become fondly known) also demonstrated the federal civil service family banding together to stick up for each other.

This situation unrolled in front of cameras when Congressman Randy Neugebauer of Texas confronted a Park Ranger as seen in the video in the link below:

The initial  outpouring of support was internally amongst federal employees. As the story become more known, support was extended by Vice President Biden:

Shutting down the government is not what the federal employees  (or many affected contractors, concessionaires, or small businesses) want. I want to be working on my office projects, creating my presentation for the upcoming conference, and learning all about quagga mussel vector pathways.

I personally hope that an agreement is reached and this “lack of appropriations” can be resolved in a way that reopens the entire government. I do not believe in picking favorite agencies, employees, programs, or populations served. As the ranger said- “I am sorry… I am not ashamed.” But I am eager to go back to work.

Furlough Day 4

flat hat I am not ashamed image

Image created by J. Wickersty


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