Top 10 Furlough Retail Therapy Rules #Govlife

For many on furlough it’s been years since either the college days with cinder block furniture or the GS 04 government housing days (yes, we paid rent to sit those uncomfortable couches).

So here are the Top 10 rules for Furlough Retail Therapy:

  1. Your budget is your GS-# times 100 meaning a GS-10 would be 10*10 = $100 budget
  2. No malls – instead head to your nearest Target or General Store.
  3. Get a big cart… don’t worry we’ll keep to rule #1.
  4. Minimum of one coupon must be used (for those out of practice they are found discarded at the nearest Starbucks on Sundays or in the mail)
  5. All items must be useful for the house or edible. Bonus points for anything involving a home improvement project you are doing on your furlough days.
    Please note no items can be slated for use in your cubicle/office. Yes, you know you that’s what you were thinking when you picked up those kleenex.
  6. Aim to fill your shopping cart with colorful large items for small $$ amounts.
    Think plastic bins, colorful tissue boxes, or boxes of cereal.
  7. You must return at least one item you pick up back to the shelf during the shopping trip.
    See now don’t you feel like you’re a little more in control?
  8. Pick one decadent item to enjoy when you get home- dark chocolate, 2% greek yogurt, or some fancy trail mix.
  9. In the alcohol aisle (if you imbibe) find a generic brand or a brand on sale and count it as an adventure.
  10. Aim for multiple colors in your basket. The more colors the better.

Congratulations, you feel better and that trip to the store won’t break the bank before your next paycheck gets delivered at some random date in the future. Here are the results from my successful session in retail therapy this weekend…

Goods from Target shopping trip.

Successful Target shopping trip.

Hope to see you in the office soon!


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