Last Paycheck Till Someday


Today I got my partial paycheck. It really brought it home that I don’t know when my next paycheck will come. It’s day 14 and week 3 of the furlough. Our household will be fine, but somehow that knowledge does not change the totality of my emotional reaction. Since I graduated from college I’ve never spent more than a week or two between jobs. It’s just who I am. This is week 3 now.

This is a new reality.

One week from now I was supposed to go on my first work trip for my new (months old) job. It was a project I was very excited to be working on in a place I’ve never been. This weekend I cancelled the hotel reservations. I hope the new schedule aligns with the stars to allow me to work on it when the project kicks up again. Today is one week from when I was supposed to fly out so it is mothballed  for sure now.

On a day like today there was a singular solution- cupcakes. Maybe congress should try sharing strawberry and lemon cupcakes.


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