Office Pool- She guessed the 18th

I lost the (unofficial) office pool. I honestly thought we’d be back to work October 7th.  I was convincingly wrong. The latest rumor of those who are “connected” is the 18th we’ll be back and magically Congress will agree on the 17th at midnight. Which figures, since I made an appointment on the 18th to help someone out. He wants some information  about GIS for emergency management and incident management (one of my happy hobbies).


I’ve also heard the 25th and the 30th. Now, I don’t believe it will be later than the 29th/30th because if we are furloughed over 21 working days in a 30 day period they have to re-furlough the lot of us (which is a lot of work and certified letters). Some CFRs set those limitations defining our rules and regulations. But, as tomorrow is the 17th… I am tempted to just run up to the mountains, grab a good book (oh wait nevermind it’s for class), and melt into a coffee shop- preferably with no cell service or wireless.

Tomorrow we’ll all be on alert…



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