Back to Work

Well twitter told me I need to go into work Thursday. Then our facebook group confirmed it by posting the official letter from the Department. What on earth happened to the phone tree people?

Every federal employee I have had contact with is thrilled to be going back to work tomorrow. It will be an interesting office atmosphere and I am eager to figure out what is going on and how to re-engage on projects that have been suspended for weeks.


The furlough was not my normal. I shied away from most “normal” activities during this furlough time. Unfortunately, that included schoolwork <eek> since I avoided my normal study places because of the cost of drinks. So now it will be back to coffee shop nights after full workdays. Which sounds lovely.

I engaged in a lot more physical labor and connected to communities in my area. I hope to keep that energy going in committing to exploring more in the local area, going to meetings of like minds, and engaging in the social media communities.

I’m sure more revelations will occur over the next few weeks and I am eager to see what the day brings. For now it’s simply time to call it a night to welcome the morning.


One response to “Back to Work

  1. I hope you keep up the blog!

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