Reviving the Projects

It was the never-ending weekend. There was not enough guaranteed time off to break away and truly relax. The perpetual list of to-do items dominated my brain waves. Now, the seemingly forever weekend is over. We are back in the office (for at least 90 days) trying to figure out how to restart EVERY project we were working on.

The momentum was sucked out of the room with a shop-vac. The conference calls and meetings will restart this week. Re-engaging requires buying in that this is essential and good work that we are spending our hours and days investing into.  There is a huge difference between one person missing a week or two on the committee and everyone in your extended network dropping everything for 12 working days.


Trying to re-schedule our project meeting while minimizing any impact they have on the other projects is a herculean task. In the federal government (especially in the land management agencies) we are planners. Back in 2004 I used to be able to tell you my 6 month schedule of conferences and meetings one year in advance. Back then I has it nailed within a week.  Today, it still stands in that scheduling our scoping meetings was done with the entire NEPA process in mind, which was built with consideration for the field season schedule, and the upcoming event that is permitted for a year from now. That’s just how we normally roll.

So right now we are trying to cram it all in back in without majorly damaging other schedules. Yet in the back of our minds is that… it might (probably will) happen again all over in January. It’s been more disruptive than I would have imagined. We will make it happen, as we typically do. When the week wears on, conference calls will be attended. Guidelines will be written. Contractors are back on board. And soon paychecks will show up again in the bank accounts. We are glad to be back and serving America in so many ways.


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